Book club: MWF Seeking BFF

I think I've seen She's All That too many times.

And for that matter, 10 Things I Hate About You.

Not because I often break out into choreographed dances to Fatboy Slim songs (I do), or pine for a place where Y and I can throw giant paint balls at each other (I definitely do).  I actually came to this conclusion because I'm convinced that when anyone seems to like me, they're only doing it as part of a bet. 

Since I've been married for almost three years and am pretty sure Y isn't betting he can turn me into prom queen, I've displaced this fear onto friendships. People are only hanging out with me because there's some kind of bet on the line.

 Okay, maybe I'm not that down on myself, but when I hang out with a new friend, there is a tiny part of my brain that thinks that after we hang out, she's going to go make fun of me with Sean William Scott I mean Paul Walker (are they the same person??), Andrew Keegan, and everyone else who is in on the bet. 

All that to say that making new friends is awkward. I'm really glad my book club decided to read MWF Seeking BFF, a memoir that goes into detail about the complete awkwardness of making new friends as an adult. Rachel Bertsche, the author, reminded me of myself in so many ways, including having incredibly creepy hyper-recall (I remember every conversation I've ever had with you, friends...and possibly what I was wearing for each one) and never knowing whether to hug or shake hands. I was kind of sad when the book ended, in the way that you get sad when you hang up the phone with an old friend. 

Katie decorated her house with polka dots to match the front cover of the book. It was pretty freaking cute. 

Oh and did I mention we Skyped with Rachel Bertsche? That's her on the laptop above. My favorite thing she told us is that for her birthday this year, she's having a 90's throwback slumber party... with 26 people! Pretty fun, since at the beginning of her book she barely had a handful of acquaintances, much less anyone you could invite to a slumber party without seeming like a total weirdo.

Pink was the unofficial color of the night; pizza was the official meal (including dessert pizza, above). 

And there were favors! Friendship bracelets, of course. I loved mine, wore it the next day, and assumed everyone was talking about me behind my back.

Oh, and FYI I'm not ashamed to admit that yes, I learned the She's All That prom dance to Rockafeller Skank when I was in high school and yes, I have googled "paint balls that you throw" many, many times in my life. Want to be my friend?