we hear it's cold in Minnesota

disclaimer: I'm aware that these videos are no longer funny. However, I feel like there is no better way to get my point across.

Have you ever wondered what people say when you tell them you're moving to Minnesota?

You're in luck -- there happens to be a video to answer that exact question. I present you with Stuff People Say When You Tell Them You're Moving to Minneapolis: 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qDdICkqW0s]

 I've heard each of these things at least twice, usually accompanied by a horrible look of disgust, often from a stranger. The climate is usually phrased as a question, as if the person asking has secret meteorological intelligence of which we're not aware. People are incredibly concerned that we're moving somewhere cold, as if we have secret plans to hold them hostage in our luggage and drop them off naked in an igloo somewhere. 

I've been reminded about getting a coat more times than I can count.

At Match Day, plenty of people matched at places that wouldn't necessarily be my top choice. But it's not me who's moving there, and my responses were something like:

"Mississippi? Great! Now you can use your fiance's grandparents' land that they gave you!"
"Congratulations on Arkansas! Didn't your wife just get into law school there?"
"Congratulations on matching in Houston! Don't you have family there?"

instead of:

"Mississippi? You know that place is 50th in the nation in, oh, everything?!"
"Arkansas?! And you're excited? You'll probably live next door to a meth lab and be involved in some sort of chemical explosion. Hope you have a fire extinguisher!"
"I'm sweating just thinking about summer in Houston. Good luck with that! Hope you love traffic!"

I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have gone over well. 

Yes, Minnesota is cold. But it isn't the South Pole- millions of people live in that climate all winter long! We chose to be a little adventurous, and frankly, it makes me sad that the general public is so anti-adventure. 

I'm glad they're all pro-coat, though. The world needs more pro-winterwear people.