interview trail: alabama

This picture was actually taken in Arkansas, but I would not be surprised if most people didn't know there was a difference between Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and probably even Louisiana.

When you're driving through middle of nowhere Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, it's important to have a backup plan in case of boredom when your passenger falls asleep and your iphone transmitter won't work. I didn't have one. All I had was Mississippi/Alabama border radio on scan. And it was all country. Over. And over. And..

And then... I found my backup plan. As snippets of country songs played, one after the other, I realized that country lyrics were all so similar that they blurred together to form little country poems.  This entertained me for hours.

My favorites:

If Y ends up matching in Alabama and I can't find a job, at least I'll have a really productive hobby.

Y has been flying around the country for residency interviews since October. I've been writing about it. To see the rest of my notes from the interview trail, click here.