Interview trail: Portland part 2

Y has been flying around the country for residency interviews since October. I've been writing about it. To see the rest of my notes from the interview trail, click here. 

The girl and the boy, currently living in a city with only a regional airport, had few options to fly to Oregon. From Louisiana, they flew halfway across the country in the opposite direction. They landed in Atlanta in the middle of a thunderstorm, missing their flight to Oregon by minutes. After a stressful half hour in an enraged customer service line, they were told the only way to get to Oregon on this specific airline was through New York.  

After half-heartedly arguing, the boy and the girl -- sweaty after sprinting across the world's busiest airport with a weekend's worth of clothing -- trudged to their gate for their four hour layover

The boy thought this trip would be his easiest: it was one of his last cross-country travels so he knew what to expect and the girl, whom he had seen little of recently, was with him. Instead, the relaxing interview-cation he had expected was already becoming a nightmare.

The girl tried her hardest to calm the boy down. She bought him the ultimate Jewish comfort food (a bagel with cream cheese), and reminded him (every five minutes, it seemed) that they were set to arrive in Portland three days before his interview. It would take an extremely unfortunate series of plane delays to miss the interview.

Finally, thank goodness, they boarded their flight to New York. As the plane taxied to the runway, the screens on the backs of their seats lit up, ready to play the standard safety video. They were officially on their way, and the boy put his arm around the girl and smiled at her. 

"You know what's been the best part about flying around the country for all of these interviews?" he asked.

The girl gazed up at him. "What?" she replied,  although she was sure she knew the answer. Coming home to see you, perhaps, or This moment, right now, because we're together.

His smile widened as the safety video began.

"The redhead in Delta's safety video."

watch the video here so you, too, can lust over "Deltalina". Don't miss the best part at about 1:49.