flashback: valentine's day promposals

I thought I would share the story of my favorite Valentine's Day ever -- the year my friends and I, having watched too many episodes of Laguna Beach, decided to get inspired by their elaborate "prom-posals" as gifts to each other. 

Just in case you weren't a fan (impossible), the boys on Laguna Beach staged elaborate gestures to ask the girls to prom. Trails of rose petals, limos, poems (of all the fish in the sea, prom with me?), etc. 

My friends and I decided that no guy would ever be as romantic as those charming(ly dysfunctional) Laguna Beach kids, so our only hope was each other. We drew a name out of a hat and prepared a LB style Valentine's Day for our secret recipient.

My gift, with a card that read "you light up my life". I don't remember what was in the bag, but obviously it's the presentation that was important...

Given Y's hatred of Valentine's Day, that Valentine's Day still reigns as my most romantic. Although the February 14th that he stopped at the grocery store and bought the last bouquet of flowers because I was sick with some kind of bug, had been vomiting all day, and he felt sorry for me is a close second.