I'll miss you..radio

I look forward to my five minute commute to work for one simple reason: the radio. Not because our radio stations play great music (I'm pretty sure there was a month long period where "Wild Wild West" kicked off every 30 minute block of music), but because of the newscast at 5 minutes to the hour on the oldies station.  

Coverage of the Florida primary results and the latest on the stock market is peppered with local gems announced in the most un-ironic of Southern accents. John Jones is auctioning off the donkeys he found near his property! Charlene Smith was thrown from her horse and is in the hospital! 

Other favorite moments [paraphrased] from local radio include:

"Reports say that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie won't be getting married until gay marriage is legal. When asked what their kids think of this, Jolie reported they were fine with it. Who cares what their kids think - what about what God thinks of their living arrangement?!

"That was Katy Perry with "Waking up in Vegas". Just a reminder, guys, I've been getting some requests for "I Kissed a Girl" but we had to ban that song due to listener complaints. Next up, "Get Low" by Lil John. Skeet skeet, y'all!!!!" 

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