this year

I will never be one of those people who rolls their eyes at holidays. If you give me an excuse to celebrate, I will do it. (Exception: Sweetest Day. What is that?) When I hit the appropriate age, I will probably wear themed knit sweater vests with musical lightup pins. You have been warned. 

My ideal New Year's Eve would be spent in a crowd of people, head to toe in sparkles, champagne in hand, crossing my fingers no one shoots a gun in the air. (Although this year spent  sitting cross legged on the floor, top half clad in sparkles, champagne in hand, board game on table was not half bad.)

I like resolutions as much as I like sparkles and champagne. I like them so much I make them weekly. (buy eggs, sit up straight, go to the post office)

Every year I make a dramatic list of New Year's resolutions that will never come true because, as I said last year, for one second on New Year's day anything seems possible. 

Too keep myself from being too discouraged when I look back, I throw in a few 
achievable goals. Last year's included fill a journal, have a tea party, do more yoga. The fact that I accomplished all 3 of those makes up for the fact that I didn't learn two languages. 

This year, nestled between write a novel for no particular reason and be on time every single day and never forget anything and always look naturally put together sits take beautiful (or close to it) pictures. I've had my dslr for over a year and I still haven't become fluent in manual. I want to figure it out before  we travel abroad and move to our new city. Doable, no? 

If you see me spending 20 minutes taking pictures of my funfetti fudge, you'll know why. 

Happy 2012, friends! What are your highest of hopes resolutions?