lonely Jews on Christmas /giveaway winner

Y's family was once interviewed by the paper to answer the timeless question: what do Jews do on Christmas? Since the paper thought an entire city might want the answer to that mystery, I thought I'd shed some light on the topic for my readers.

Spoiler alert: have you ever been hanging out on a Sunday, bored out of your mind, whining about about how there's nothing to do except go to the movies? That's Christmas. 

Except this year, it was dark and rainy outside and I was glad not to have an excuse to put down my book and get out of my sparkly pajamas.  This and catching up on How I Met Your Mother took up approximately 90% of the day. The other 10% was spent inserting Ike's name to the tune of the How I Met Your Mother theme song. 

At sundown we lit our menorah because we were jealous of all the people celebrating. And because it was the 6th night of Chanukah. 

"Classic" Jewish Christmas dinner: Chinese food. (I'm now realizing that putting the dog in the collage may have been a poor choice.)  We purposely ate this because everyone expects Jews to eat Chinese on Christmas and we think it's funny to indulge fantasy stereotypes. I can't speak for everyone, but I think the tradition has reached the point of only being observed to be ironic -- clearly we could have made something non-Chinese, but what would be the fun in that? In the spirit of being completely lazy, we put towels on the bed and ate there while watching Limitless. Ike was obviously invited.

(PS: [non-authentic] Chinese food recipe (it's Y's favorite dinner) + a blog post from the Smithsonian about Jews/Chinese food)

And for dessert? My favorite cold weather treat: peppermint white hot chocolate. 

To recap: reading, soy sauce, Bradley Cooper, warm indulgent drinks. Just your average Sunday. 


Congrats to MB for winning a few of my favorite things! I'll be sure to share what they were as soon as I know MB received the package - I wish I could send all of you presents :)