weekly gratuitous ike: really really ridiculously good looking

There's something you need to know about Ike.

Every night when we get into bed, Ike sits patiently on the floor to our left. He's figured out that as soon as we unfold the comforter -- the barrier Ike sleeps on so we can keep his hair from getting all over us -- he's allowed to get onto the bed.  

When the comforter unfolds, his ears perk up. He knows that's his cue.

And this is where it gets tragic. 

He doesn't get on the bed right away. Because Ike is not an ambi-jumper. 

It's a problem he's had since he was a baby. He can't jump onto the bed from the left side.

So when he gets the signal to get on the bed, he has to run to the right side of the bed to jump up. He leaps up victoriously, turns around in a circle a few times, and settles in for the night at our feet.

I know what you're thinking - it's surprising that a seemingly perfect animal has such a remarkable flaw. We're clearly heartbroken over here.  Won't you make a donation to the Center for Puppies Who Can't Jump Good?

P.S. If you really get me (you can read minds?) you knew this was coming: