the worst of pinterest

Somehow, I was a member of Pinterest when it was in beta. For months, no one I knew in real life had heard of the site, and the name of it existed only in my head. 

It was just a few months ago (at lunch with Lauren and Sarah) that I said the word "Pinterest" out loud. It's strange saying a word you've never said before, right? It's kind of like this scene from the movie Garden State. Kind of.

Since then, I've grown comfortable placing the p in front of interest in everyday conversation. And I've found it's much more fun to discuss the worst pins than the best ones. Here are three pins that just keep popping up that I wish wouldn't:

This makes me queasy and confused. As far as its plausibility, I consulted an expert who said, "Uhhh, no."  And by that  I mean I showed it to Y.

WHY has this picture been pinned approximately 1 million times? WHY on Earth would you do this? As my friend T said, "I have nightmares about this picture."

I consulted my expert on this picture too, and I might have to fire him because he said, and I quote, "That. Is. AWESOME." 

This picture is on every "places I'd like to visit" board and is listed as being in Dublin, Ireland. This one I understand. I'd like to visit Photoshop Castle too, but it's just not in my budget right now.

Tell me, what pins are you tired of seeing? Have you tried the hot dog spaghetti abomination? If so, WHY? I want to hear from someone in the pro-spaghetti-hotdog camp.

{PS, the rock formation [not the building on top of it] in the last picture is real - according to Wikipedia it's called Ko Tapu and it's off the coast of Thailand. Which is kind of like Ireland.}