my family is special.

Thanks to everyone for your good luck wishes on Y's applications! So far we haven't heard back from anywhere and have officially given up. Okay, that's not true, but I might have to institute a "don't text me unless you got an interview" policy, because my stomach can't take all of this jumping each time my phone beeps, only to be disappointed with another "what's for dinner?" message.


Today would have been my mom's 68th birthday. I figured she deserved a shout out since she's the one who got me into writing in the first place. Here we are, each writing somewhere beautiful, she in (I think) Switzerland, me in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland.

She inspired some of my first pieces, such as this one:

 And she even encouraged me to write a book. It was approximately 8 pages long, about a little girl who wished she could join another family because her family made her eat yogurt. (The nerve!) Some day I hope I can find it and post it on the blog, because you guys are truly missing out.

My mom is also probably responsible for one of my favorite childhood activities: sitting down with the 700 page Sears catalog, picking a model and making up a story about his/her life, using ONLY things in the Sears catalog. Toys, light fixtures, shoes, other models as family members - it was all fair game. 

(This is what happens when you're an only child.)

Have a great Labor Day weekend, friends! Any hilarious journal entries/books/embarrassing nerdy memories from your childhood?