i'll miss you... movie moments

Excuse me while I play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon with my grocery shopping.

I was leaving the farmer's market one Saturday morning and stopped to look at this row of buildings as I opened my car.

While juggling bags full of produce and fistfuls of loose change, I thought about a movie we saw this year: "Super", starring Kevin Bacon. A memorable scene portraying the pure evil of Bacon's character was filmed in front of these very buildings.

The scene played on in the back of my head as I opened the door and sat down. But when I started the car, I jumped. An eerily familiar familiar voice came through the radio. It was him. Kevin Bacon was the celebrity guest on that week's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me".

(Fine. That's not exactly how 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon works, but I vote it counts.)

Thanks to a tax break for filmmakers, movie production in Louisiana has been on the rise. Other than being surrounded by Kevin Bacon (sort of) in the farmer's market parking lot, this means several things for me: Detours through movie sets during long walks with Ike. Receiving paparazzi-style pictures of Josh Duhamel (FYI: he looks much scrawnier in tiny, grainy iPhone pictures). Running into Dunder Mifflin employees in the locker room of my gym. More Frappucinos than necessary because Gerard Butler was at Starbucks last week and maybe, just maybe, he'll be there again today.

Where else will I be able to have these experiences? New York? Los Angeles? Boring.

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