the matchbook girl...

As a lover (hoarder) of magazines, it's no surprise that I'm falling hard for online magazines. This week I've been spoiled: last night I discovered the gorgeous The Violet and today Matchbook's June issue went live.

I've always been a sucker for surveys. I recall sitting at my parents' computer, age 13, trying to figure out how to answer each item in a chain survey in such a way that would win my crush's affection - in my case the answer was probably don't fill out chain surveys. Each month, Matchbook has someone interesting fill out their fun questionnaire, so in honor of today's release I'm going to take my turn at the questions. Because sometimes I like to think I'm interesting, too. (And because I'm already married so I don't have to worry about winning the affection of any boys.)

Thanks to Jaclyn Day for the questionnaire template, found here.