scholarly ike earns his glasses

Y and I should get a prize for dog training. No, we haven't figured out how to make Ike stop jumping on guests... or growling at other dogs... or whining for food.

But we did teach him a new phrase.

Ike now knows the ever important phrase "last one", used most frequently when playing fetch. Here's how I know he understands it:

Generally, when I throw Ike the ball he -- like most other dogs who play fetch -- runs back as fast as he can so I can throw it again. I wish I knew what was going through his little head.

"Hey guys, you lost your ball! I know you need it, so I brought it back! Try not to lose it aga-- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! BRB."

But when I look at him sternly and say "last one" before I throw the ball, he doesn't come back after he fetches it. He just stands there and basically pouts.