a post for the neglected dog

Ways in Which Having Ike Has Changed Me

1. I am an expert at baby talk. Like, if there was a baby talk convention, I might be asked to speak there. No word is safe. Puppy is now "PEEEEEEEEEEEEEPEEEEEEEE!"* "Who's a good boy" is "Oojabooja". (Well, what else would it be?) Teeth are "teefs". As in,

"Nice teefs, buddy."

2. I stop every time I see a dog that looks lost. You have no idea how much of my time this takes up. People of Louisiana, TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR DOGS. (we won't mention that time Ike got out)

3. I now own a lint roller. It is SO. NECESSARY. Especially because Ike and I have a daily snuggle-fest before I leave for work each day. A demonstration:



{FYI, we don't roll around in Ike's hair. We have a system where he is only allowed on the bed when the top sheet is unfolded, and when we're not doing photoshoots we only sit/lay under the blanket so as not to break the dog/person barrier}

4. I can't read books/see movies about dogs. Have you noticed that once a dog is introduced into a plot, it dies about 80% of the time? I can't handle that, mainly because I feel sorry for all of the other dog owners out there since Ike is immortal. We got lucky at the shelter.

*Y and I had a child-raising discussion the other day. We decided that since we are so fond of the word PEEEPEEE, when we have kids we're going to raise them to think that's actually how the word puppy is pronounced. We have big dreams for our hypothetical spawn - we imagine he/she will become a highly respected veterinarian, presenting research at big conferences on "The Evaluation of Gait Kinetics in PEEEPEEES". We're so proactively proud.