on royal weddings

In the summer of 2005, I studied abroad in London and was instantly in love.

The best part? Other than the perfectly stoic atmosphere after the 2 attacks on the Tube, the wandering around Notting Hill pretending to search for a handsome British bookkeeper (but not really pretending), and the breeze while studying in Hyde Park, I fell in love with high tea. At home, tea was a refreshing thing to drink while sweating your face off. In London, tea was a drink that came with three tiers of treats.

tea at Harrod's, July 2005

Who knew that a few months later, I'd start dating my half-British future husband, who would proceed to make me a cup of English breakfast tea almost every morning for the next 5 years (and counting)?

Anyway, I share that because I want to let you in on why I was so excited to celebrate the royal wedding with - what else - a tea party. Other influencing factors included:

1. the fact that this poster once graced my wall (right underneath a poster of Dawson and Pacey):


3. HATS!

If you don't agree that those are good reasons to whip up some scones, break out the Pimm's cups, and plop a bunch of feathers on your head, well, I don't think we can be friends.

Hope you all started your weekend with a fairy tale celebration as well, and are ending it with some good old fashioned American pride if you're from the States!