random moments

I always take my camera on walks. I'm convinced we're going to see something amazing one day -- the closest we've come to amazing is 7 cats in front of one house, but hey, I can dream.

I also always get tired of holding the camera and Y reluctantly offers to hold it for me. The other day, he started snapping photos of Ike and told me he was going to do an expose on him. I cocked my head. "Really?" I asked, "What do you hope to uncover?" There was a pause. "Oh," he said, "I meant exhibit."

I prefer expose. But I want Ike doing the investigatory journalism.

Poor Urban Infrastructure and Extreme Cuteness: Is There a Link?

Tonight at 10: Illegal Midget Colonies

As punishment for Y's word mixup, he was puppy-boarded. That's just how we roll in this house. You should have seen what happened after the whole gental/genital fiasco.

Speaking of how we roll in this house, this is standard "I might have a cavity" protocol:

These short and sweet random moments were brought to you by writer's block, exhaustion due to a 6 am yoga class, and a tornado warning.