ER or something like it

Well, it finally happened: Y picked a specialty. Actually, he's picked about 6 specialties, so let me clarify: he finally picked one that stuck. And it happens to be the most confusing type of doctor ever:

ER doctor.

Oh excuse me - that slight shift you just felt was every physician ever rolling their eyes at the same time. What I meant to say was "emergency medicine physician". Apparently only the uninitiated say ER doctor.

Also, in case you were planning on embarrassing yourself, it's not the emergency room, it's the emergency department and you must call it the ED -- not the ER -- or ELSE. And no erectile dysfunction jokes allowed. SO MANY RULES. On this blog, I'm calling it ER because a) I feel pompous typing "emergency physician" over and over, and b) that's what a young George Clooney would have called it.

According to pretty much everyone, ER is the last specialty they would have expected Y to choose. Based on this "physician specialty stereotype" comic (which is obviously the official description) I would have to disagree:

Find the link to the rest of the comic here. And while you're there, tell me where you find primary care physicians that are hippies - certainly not here!

Minus the celtic tattoo, I see Y in this guy. Y has an inner McGyver that he is always trying to unleash before I roll my eyes at him. Also like this guy, Y thinks on his feet. When he has an idea of how to fix/build something, he wants it done "stat", no time for silly things like plans. Y also, like the guy above, has only seventeen hairs.

So congrats on realizing your destiny, Y. And thank you for choosing a specialty that I can easily learn more about by watching Uncle Jesse and Danny Ocean pretend to treat patients. Who thinks I can watch all 15 seasons of ER in the next year?