pretty/funny: Japan

The night before the earthquake hit Japan, I started reading a book called Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. It's about a childhood romance during WWII that gets torn apart when the little girl's family gets sent to an internment camp. So I've got all kind of Japanese sympathy floating around in my head. I know I haven't exactly kept up with my promise to recap pretty and funny things I see around the interwebs, but I thought a Japan version couldn't hurt -- I love seeing how everyone chips in any way they can, including artists.

The pretty:

Wieden + Kennedy is my favorite ad agency (you may have heard of their little client, Nike) and they put together this print. All proceeds go to the relief effort.

J Hill Design is donating all profits from her Tokyo print to Doctors Without Borders.

A poster by Paul Vickers. All proceeds to the Red Cross and Save the Children.

The funny:
Of course, there's not really anything funny about the situation (or The Situation - I'm watching the Donald Trump Roast right now and he's getting booed), but I laughed out loud several times at Jimmy Kimmel's account of vacationing in Bora Bora during the earthquake.