my weekend in medical word associations

Remember this post, where I thought it was oh-so-hilarious that we talked about yeast infections over mimosas? Apparently the wise commenters on that post know their stuff - it. doesn't. stop. As I was looking over my pictures from the weekend, I realized there was a yeast-infection-mimosa moment for everything we did.

What's that, you ask? Art. Duh. At the opening night of Cakeland at a local art gallery, my friends and I discussed the schedule for the next year of med school. A nice break from all things disgusting, but, when it comes down to it, still a conversation about med school.

North Louisiana's Mardi Gras is not quite the same as New Orleans, but the parade we went to was about 100 times more fun than we imagined it would be. Even if, over king cake, the conversation turned to ass abscesses. And the lancing of said abscesses.

As a sidenote, despite anything negative I might say about this city, I do enjoy knowing I can go to a public event and be assured that everyone under the age of 8 will be able to do the stanky leg perfectly.

On Sunday while watching the Oscars, someone mentioned a dress with "batwing" sleeves. Which, naturally, sparked a conversation about winged scapulas. And then I won 70 dollars for guessing that the same things that won Golden Globes would win Academy Awards. Rocket science, people.