Y&Ike > college?

Here's a sappy post, just in time for [a week and a half after] Valentine's Day:

A few months ago, Y and I drove to my hometown and stopped at our alma mater to use the restroom, since Y has a bladder the size of a walnut (this is according to his med school friends, and they're so trustworthy I can't help but assume they know what they're talking about).

As I walked through the student union, a wave of nostalgia nearly knocked me over. I passed the computer lab where my friends and I rushed to meet on room assignment day so we could all log in at the same time to trick the system into putting us in the same apartment sophomore year. I passed the place where, about 5 years ago, Y pretended I tripped him and fell moaning to the ground, screaming why would you do this to me?! as about 50 people watched (typical Y).

I walked out of the union feeling depressed and wondering why the world was so unfair and didn't just let us stay in college forever. Then I turned toward the campus parade ground and saw this, and before I could even think about it, a huge smile was plastered on my face and I forgot about college: