It's Oscar time! That might mean fashion and movies to you, but to me, it gives me an excuse to express my secret hobby: puns.

Every year when movies first start getting buzz, my subconscious starts thinking of food puns for a hypothetical Oscar party. Not that I ever have one planned - I don't think I know the right crowd for that. We had a party one year and a guy fell. asleep. How can you fall asleep over Frosted Nixon Brownies, Hotdog Millionaires, and.. Milk?
Regardless, I can't not think of puns-- I have no control over it. In the shower, while trying to sleep, stopped at a red light:
(or a Blue Valentine/True Grit combo: Blue Grits),

Some others: The Kids are all Rice, Rabbit Donut Holes, some type of food that's something inside something inside something.
Is anyone else a secret pun creator? (There's got to be a support group, right?) Got any good ones for my hypothetical Oscar party?
Also, if you are part of my crowd, and think an Oscar party might actually be fun, not snoozeworthy, let me know and maybe we can plan something.