the five stages of OB-GYN

A new month means a new specialty rotation. After 5 or so days on OB-GYN, I can relay to you the 5 stages of OB-GYN, brought to you by almost everyone I know who has experienced the rotation.

1. Denial

"We are NOT having children. There is NOTHING miraculous about childbirth."

2. Anger

"You are DISGUSTING. I hate you and your kind. How can you be so disgusting?! Everything about you is disgusting."

3. Bargaining

"Okay, if I get to sit outside of the hospital room, maybe you can give birth. And I guess you're not gross alll the time."

4. Depression

"WTF. All women are like this. All of you! How could I never have known?"

5. Acceptance

(Apparently, this one does not apply. There is no acceptance. At least not after 5 days.)