a med student's take on aronofsky

This post contains Black Swan spoilers, so first I tried to write it in white text, the high tech version of invisible ink -- which I realized I really miss. Not so much the invisible ink, per se, but the idea of passing secret notes to my friends.

But, as usual, Blogger decided it didn't want to do what I told it to do, and my white font/invisible ink turned out grey. So, if you've seen the movie and want to read Y's thoughtful account of the ending, click below.

After the movie, I asked Y whether he thought Nina had died, expecting some kind of answer based on the story, or the cinematic clues, like the bright light at the end. His answer was something like this:

Well, the shard of glass didn't seem very sharp, so I doubt it got to her abdominal aorta. Plus, there wasn't enough blood for that. However, she was very skinny, so there wasn't any fat to block it, so it probably got through to her muscles, and possibly even through them. I'd say she probably punctured her intestines and, yes, probably died.

Touche, Y. Touche. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?