Y and I recently discovered another shared interest, besides mushroom and bell pepper pizza, long road trips, and minimal effort games of tennis: young adult novels.

We listened to a book called The Maze Runner while driving to Birmingham for Thanksgiving, which we realized was just the warm up to the book we started listening to on our next driving adventure: The Hunger Games.

We listened to the first eight hour book in the car and started the second at the end of our trip. Then we decided to take a hiatus from speaking and turned it on while we cleaned, ate dinner, sat on the couch. It was kind of quaint; our little family crowded around the ipod. I liked to imagine we were listening to FDR on the radio.

Anyway, we are almost finished with the third book, which means we've listened to about 20 hours worth of Hunger Games Trilogy, which has resulted in two major things:

1. Hunger Games nightmares.

The scene: Y is struggling the entire night because I've decided, for some reason, to sleep diagonally on the bed leaving him without any room. Meanwhile, I'm having nightmares about being chosen for the hunger games.

Me: (at 2 am, half asleep) I don't WANT to go to the hunger games!!!
Y: (half asleep) they only send diagonal sleepers to the hunger games, so straighten out, asshole

2. Hunger Games inspired means of survival, including setting traps

The scene: Y is a douche.