twenty-ten, part 3

There's a reason I blog about Ike and Y more than I do myself: they are much more interesting than I am. But, as, promised, here is 2010 recap part 3: my year.

In January I started this blog because I could not keep my whining to myself for another second.

In February, I went on my first business trip by myself and spent far too long sitting in the windowsill taking pictures (I was in New Orleans. It wasn't that exciting).

In March I sang karaoke for the first time ever at the First Annual Carol Convention. My song of choice - Fancy by Reba McEntire - a guilty pleasure song that's on my karaoke bucket list. Also on my list: Kiss From a Rose by Seal. Seriously. How can you not be a fan of that song?

In April I ran my first (and only, so far) 5k. Maybe at the end of this year I'll report back on my first half marathon. (Highly unlikely.)

I met a super famous celebrity at my gym, and channeled my inner sixteen year old and saw Taylor Swift.

I finished three semesters of grad school this semester, and made tons of friends.

I went to DC, visited Julia Child's kitchen, and left still hating to cook. (Sorry, Y)

In September, I joined Miss B's Souvenir Foto School.

I also took a spontaneous trip to Chicago with two friends, the kind of friends who will gladly lay on the ground with you for a photo op.

I drove to Texas to drink tea with some American Girl dolls (and my sister and nieces, I guess), and drove to Texas again to laugh my face off at Aziz Ansari.

I got a new toy: a camera. My first three pictures:

Y and I took a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

And I fulfilled my goal of getting Ike to wear a sparkly New Year's Eve hat.

(Sort of.)

Also, I read these books.

(Does anyone else use Goodreads?)

Here's to making 2011 much more noteworthy (and photogenic)!