twenty-ten, part 1

Like every other blogger out there -- can I really call myself a blogger these days? -- I feel the need to recap my 2010, even though you've been along for the ride and can access my archives if you feel like you need a refresher.

In 2010, I decided to start this little blog to share my story of living in Small-ish Town, USA with my med student husband and our extremely photogenic dog. I know there are some of you that read this blog to see Ike's expression du jour, some of you read this blog because you too have a med student as a spouse and want to commiserate. And some of you (okay fine, just my dad) read this blog to see what I'm up to.

So, I'm breaking my recap up into three parts. The first? 2010 Recap: Life With a Med Student


Y was a mere second year, still sitting in a classroom all day, not quite sure what to do with one of those knee hammer things. Sleeping and studying took up a lot of time.


When one is still a lowly second year, they're still willing to roll around in the snow with their dog. Now, after having important things like surgery under his belt, will he still be willing to roll around in the snow in public? Time will only tell.


After getting a white coat, I worried Y's sense of self importance would start to sky-rocket. Fortunately, even with all of the knowledge crammed into his head, he was still curious about the world around him.


Y learned to balance the art of studying and being married. Sure, honey, I'll cheer you on at your 5k, but I'll be sitting in my car with my notes until you cross the finish line. But later that night, when we have a wedding to go to? I will not be afraid to show you my "I'd rather be studying" face.


Studying for Step 1, the national exam that pretty much determines what field of medicine you're capable of pursuing, began. Our house smelled like a Starbucks.

Other thoughts on studying for Step 1: a, b, c, d


Completing Step 1 deserved a reward, a vacation with a med school friend, David. David and Y have spent so much time together as med school classmates that they've started to look alike.

After weeks and weeks of studying, giving the side-eye to people who can make a living throwing paint on a canvas was completely natural.

July - August:
Y began his third year and started shadowing doctors. His first rotation: pediatrics. He seriously considered a career in peds...until he realizes not all kids are perfect angels like my nephew here.

September through October:
Y started medicine rotation and experienced shock when medicine nurses weren't as nice and bubbly as peds nurses. Was sad. Recovered once he realized that medicine doctors wear bowties.

Seriously considered career in general medicine.

November through December: Y started surgery rotation. Strange stains started appearing on his white coat. Also notable during surgery rotation: Y began to start discussing gross bodily functions with a straight face. And weigh the pros and cons of diseases while having a few beers with friends. And was forced to do strenuous work like heart surgery on his birthday.)