Lost Dog

If you remember, we had an Ike disappearance scare earlier this year. Ever since then, I'm sure you've been wondering what would D do if Ike actually did disappear?

Well, I finally have an answer to that question.

Things You Probably Shouldn't Do When You Realize That Your Dog is Missing, Yet I Did Them Anyway

1. Run around the house making noises that sound like a dying goose.
2. Run down the street to the Spanish speaking roof workers and realize that I don't know dog, white, or run away in Spanish
3. Realize that I, as usual, can't find my keys
4. Spend 10 seconds too long deciding which shoes are my best "dog searching shoes"
5. Call Y under the assumption that missing dog beats emergency surgery
6. Start to think about the design of our MISSING posters, then wonder why we don't just keep a stack of premade posters.
7. Realize that if Ike never comes back, we can adopt Harry (since our lease only allows one dog)

Harry is in New Orleans and may still need a home!

When I ran around looking for Ike in our backyard where I left him, the gate wasn't open, all access to the bottom of the house was sealed. So, my goose choking noises were a mixture of crying and confusion. Somewhere between steps 5 and 6 of my unique process, I heard a yelp from the backyard, and when I ran outside, Ike was standing in the middle of the yard as if he'd been there the whole time.

For a split second, I was sure he teleported.

Then I saw the hole in the fence.