Day 18: My day, in great detail

I like this topic because it really exemplifies the reason I started this blog in the first place. A friend called me one night to tell me that one of her friends somehow stumbled upon my Facebook page and decided I was the coolest, most glamorous subject of random Facebook stalking they had ever come across. My friend told me they wanted to know if I had a blog so they could follow along with my glamorous life. The record had to be set straight, and this blog was created. I wonder if those girls are still reading, or if I let them down a long time ago.

The deal was that if I started a blog, my very talented friend who called me would start an Etsy store. I'm still waiting on that Etsy store...

Anyway, today's challenge was to describe my day in great detail. Good thing I had a most exciting day that began with a brutal fight against Ike over use of the yoga mat.

Ike won. As usual.

Then there was breakfast:

I'm on a diet. Sort of. See, I'm kind of addicted to peanut butter. I'm trying to cut down to eating peanut butter just once a day. It's difficult... this was today's peanut butter meal. Yesterday's was peanut butter frosting on a cupcake. I'm a work in progress.

I had the crazy idea to dress for fall today. Either I'm crazy, or the rest of the world is. The weatherman this morning said, "It's pretty cold outside today, but tomorrow it should be nicer." So I put on my boots and my tights and my jacket. It was 75 degrees; I couldn't make it to my car without sweating. My boss asked me, "Aren't you cold in that little dress?" Is she living in a different climate than I am?

My ritual when I leave in the morning: I throw Ike some treats and make him wait until I'm outside before he eats them. See? He can behave!

Welcome to work, where I tackled my list of incredibly challenging tasks.

My lunch lasts all day, so I bring enough food to basically eat something every hour. Nothing contained peanut butter. Small victories.

Back home after a very strange workout class that involved way too much running in place for my taste. I decided to be festive and break out the Jake apron while making brussels sprouts and ravioli - a surprisingly good combination.

A friend came over and we decided to have a baking/Firefly evening. Above is the finished result: Pear Walnut Gingerbread Upside Down Cake. Not a bad way to end the night.

Can you beat me? Was your day more interesting than mine? I know Y's was; while I was copy/file/editing, he helped remove someone's colon.

I'd still take my day over his.