Day 13: outfit of the day pictures

True story: I've been in two fashion shows. Both selected their models in rather exclusive ways, the first being my class had to do it and the second being first come first serve.

Today's post in the WBThirty was to post a week of "outfit of the day" pictures. Maybe you've never heard of this phenomenon? There's a big fashion blogging community in which bloggers post pictures of their outfits every day, comment on the fit and feel of the clothes, and alert the world to sales the moment they happen. Secretly this appeals to me, since I enjoy [and spend far too much time] getting dressed in the morning, yet sit in a windowless office all day where no one can see my creations.

I've been slightly embarrassed about this post and playing fashion blogger for a hot second, so I decided to tell you about my fashion shows in hopes that the post could only get less embarrassing from here.

The actual audio from this fashion show: "Everyone's crazy about denim! D is always a star student and she wants her clothes to sparkle and shine too. So, you see her modeling her best jeans and jean jacket, but they're embellished with an array of multicolored jewels. Her white blouse features decorative jewels to complement a look for D that truly sparkles and shines."

Fashion show number two was a little more interesting:

In 2004, I named this photo badhair.jpg

And this picture is called newhair.jpg. At some point in my life, even for a brief second as I labeled photos, I did not consider this bad hair. That scares me.

Now won't you humor me as I play dress up? Note that I don't make Y stand there and take these pictures. a) He would kill me, and b) I know how to use my timer, and c) he will never be Bryan Skeen (can you tell I have a girl crush on Kendi? I promise to stop referencing her now).