tales from the highway

I know you were all disappointed that I broke from the WBThirty posts this weekend and you didn't get to find out "what I would do if I won the lottery." I have a good reason, though. This past weekend, I drove 8 hours roundtrip to spend exactly 24 hours in Texas. The payoff was worth it - I got to see friends who live out of town, watch an episode of "Sisterwives", eat my first Vietnamese sandwich, and nearly vomit from laughing at an Aziz Ansari show. I think everyone needs to experience nearly vomiting from laughing at least once in their life, so I definitely recommend you see Aziz.

(Let me clarify that: I definitely recommend you see Aziz if you understand the humor in R Kelly and Kanye West, and can handle 99% off color jokes. Y's parents heard I was seeing Aziz, trusted my taste, and rented his stand up. They were...not impressed. Moral of the story: don't blindly trust my taste, and avoid Aziz Ansari if you can't laugh at a joke about R Kelly having sex with an ATM.)

To be honest, I kind of enjoyed my eight hour solitary road trip. The highway I took was really interesting -- especially this:

It was so cool and old that life actually started de-saturating as I drove by.

Turns out someone might actually live in this abandoned theater. This being Texas, I decided to get off their lawn as quickly as possible.

(Edited to add: I just did some Googresearch and discovered that this theater was an XXX drive in, which makes it that much creepier.)

Somewhere around hour 2, I discovered that my $5 Target sunglasses are magic autumn glasses. I kept thinking to myself how odd it was that Texas had such great fall foliage, but soon realized that the tint of my sunglasses was making things look way prettier than they really were. While the rest of the travelers on this highway saw this:

I saw this:

Also on this highway, I was able to play a rousing game of "Funeral Home or Fancy Neighborhood?" with myself.

(Well now that I've zoomed in I see there's a golfer in the first picture. That was NOT visible from the highway.)

Aren't you impressed with my ability to entertain myself? Any good road trip stories out there?

Fear not - back to your regularly scheduled WBThirty posts soon.