Day 7: My [dog's] favorite things {wbthirty}

One of the funniest things about Ike is that he has very distinct preferences. Are most dogs like this? My dog growing up would eat anything, lay down anywhere, and was perfectly content so long as he wasn't hungry, so I assumed that's how all dogs were.

Not this little diva.

"Uh, are you kidding? This log is NOT on my approved list of places to sniff."

Ike is quite exclusive about his food habits. Of course he'll eat any and all meat, but his second favorite form of people food is anything green.

I can't help but feel like I've done something right here.

Like a true diva, Ike is watching his carbs. He will not, under any circumstances, eat bread (he'll make an exception for challah, the bread of his people).

One night Y's brother left a pizza on the floor of our living room (don't ask. Actually, you know what, do ask. Ask Y's brother where he learned to be such a terrible house guest). We got up in the middle of the night to investigate some suspicious chewing -- Ike had licked the entire pizza clean, leaving only the crust, fully intact.

Ike also has lounging preferences. He will only sit on something soft -- yoga mats, socks, backpacks -- bonus points if it smells like one of us.

And of course, Ike has a preference in his college football loyalty. Chosen all by himself. Swearsies. He loves t-shirts.