favorite song + i made you something! {wbthirty}

I do not have good taste in music. You've been warned.

There's a handful of songs that, when they show up on iTunes, I listen to the entire way through. I have song ADD, so, that's a big deal.

Most of them come from soundtracks. One of the first jobs I remember "wanting to do when I grew up" (right after vet; right before MTV VJ) was the very important position of Person Who Decides What Songs Go Where In Movies. I still completely appreciate that person; the right song during the right moment of a movie is one of life's simple pleasures.

Anyway. Favorite songs:

A few of my favorite songs are from Better Than Ezra. If you read my post yesterday about my "inspirational word art", there is one quote that is not inspirational in the least, but I love it so much I couldn't resist creating some word art and featuring it on my "wall of quotes". It's from a fairly recent Better Than Ezra song, and the chorus lyrics are:

Gulf breeze on the porch
me and my honey rocking back and forth
light it up again with my kin and friends underneath the yellow moon
Sweet dream, New Orleans
Mississippi river running over me
Pretty mama come and take me by the hand
Don't mock what you don't understand it's a southern thing

The song is about fugitives or something, but shhhh. I love the chorus.

And, voila:

I thought I would offer this out to anyone who might want it -- since I know at least one of my friends also loves that quote -- in case anyone else wants to print it out and hang it up in their office, or carry it in their wallet and pull it out anytime they get mocked for saying "y'all". (It is a totally legitimate word!!)

So if you are a proud Southerner who may or may not have a rocking chair on your porch and a soft spot in your heart for the Mississippi River, leave me a comment or e-mail me at werejustdandy@gmail.com and I'll send you the file.