just like the movies

You know that cliche, oh-so-hilarious moment that happens in just about every movie ever; where someone is sleeping and is lured awake by a dog licking them? And while it's happening, of course the lickee thinks that their lovaaa is the one licking them? Hilarious.

That totally happened to me the other morning. Sort of.

You see, I woke up to some incredibly passionate puppy kisses. But unlike every character that this has ever fictionally happened to, I knew it was Ike. So I started hitting* him repeatedly. It didn't stop. I started hitting him harder.

But nothing worked. The licking continued. And that, my friends, was the moment I realized I was beating up my husband.

don't mess with us.

*When I say "hitting", I don't mean in an animal cruelty type of way. I mean in a half asleep, shoving, attempt to get him off of me way. And anyway, as you would have seen had you made it to the end of the story, it doesn't matter anyway.