dandy happenings: cocaine, crazy cat ladies, and more!

Because I'm in the midst of a terrible case of blogger's block (and Ike hasn't really done anything especially exciting lately), I'm going to lump together what's been going on since we last spoke. A refresher: my husband has the same shaped head as Abraham Lincoln.

In a shocking twist, we've decided on a new doppleganger for Y. (I know, I know, Doppleganger Week was months ago. Where did Doppleganger Week even come from, anyway? And why haven't there been any subsequent "weeks"? Burning questions...)

Y has actually been told more than once this week that he looks like Josh Lucas from Sweet Home Alabama. One of those times was by one of his patients. Bet you didn't know that elderly war veterans enjoy rom-coms. Can anyone resist Dr. McDreamy?

Whew, glad we got the incredibly important doppleganger issue settled! Moving on.

Ike enjoyed the premier of the new OKGO video.

And we attended the most sophisticated party I've ever been to -- even if it did end with the host can-can-ing to Lady Gaga. Happy birthday D&D!

We moved our couches around for a living room makeover that shall be revealed eventually -- I know, right? Please at least try to control your excitement. Here is what was underneath one of them:

The final count: 6 tennis balls, 18 Q-tips, 23 half eaten dog treats, 1 spoon. And a, sadly, empty bag of Starburst jellybeans. I totally would have eaten them.

So Ike and I have been walking a lot lately.

I'm so glad I bring my camera with me everywhere, because yesterday I found this:

No way, I thought. No way did I just find a bag of cocaine on the ground. If it is, the dealer has got to be new. And what is he doing dealing drugs? He's obviously got organizational skills that would make some company really happy.

I kicked it over to see if, by chance, any white powder was underneath it.

Just a test. Boring, but still exciting for a walk around the neighborhood with your dog.

Ike was less interested in the cocaine test and more interested in this:

That house had SEVEN cats in front of it. There were two more across the street.

You might be thinking to yourself, wow, cocaine tests and crazy cat ladies? I will NEVER be visiting the Dandy House. Psh. I haven't even told you about my crazy neighbors yet.