A poll

The other night, five of us went out for dessert to one of the fanciest (and darkest, judging by my terrible picture) restaurants in town. Our waiter tempted us with key lime and creme brulee flavored martinis, and my friend who doesn't drink ordered a coffee. The waiter would not take coffee for an answer.

"You want some kahlua with that coffee, right?" he said


"Some rum?"


"Some Bailey's?"

"She's pregnant!" one of my friends blurted out, trying to get him to shut up. As we all giggled nervously, the waiter asked what she was having. Apparently, Fake Baby D is a girl.

Our giggling kind of wore off as our waiter, who was practically misty eyed, reminisced about how holding his now nine year old as a newborn. The lie wasn't funny anymore. (Until my friend got extra ice cream since she was "eating for two").

So, my question is, it is just in my part of the world that, even in your mid-20s, you have to make up an entire human being to get out of being peer pressured?

In hindsight, I'm not sure why we didn't just tell him she was driving. Oh well.