the truth about walking the dog; accidental nerd glasses

When I was in college, newly initiated into the world of Adobe Creative Suite, one of my first assignments was to copy a magazine cover.

I was hooked. My poor friends got fake Cosmo covers for their birthdays for the next few years. In my free time, I made fake US Weekly spreads. I was, to be honest, super cool.

See that barcode? That's how you know it's authentic.

When I saw Who What Wear the other day, I knew I had to revisit my old pastime.

My husband doesn't know this, but when I tell him I took the dog for a walk, I mean that I put on my wedge heels and walked around our backyard.

My favorite part of my dog walking outfit, other than my mime shirt, is my accidental nerd glasses. I buy my glasses online at Zenni Optical because I can't take care of my things and they cost $15.

The downside is that the frames look a little, um, smaller on the screen than they do in real life.

Since we're discussing old pastimes, and teenage/college me never had a MySpace, I feel like I should get to do a MySpace -esque picture of my nerd glasses. Because that's people who wear nerd glasses do.