Rabbit, rabbit!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances that have kept us busy -- including a 29 page paper for me, a month of saving kids for Y, and an entire bag of pressed bones for Ike -- we've neglected to fill you in on the happenings around here. But fear not. Ike hasn't done anything funny, so you haven't missed much.

Okay fine, except for that time he tried to eat 3 bones at once.

And, while we're on the subject, I guess the time he smiled while watching tv with Y was kind of funny.

Oh, and that time he got stuck between our backdoor and pint-size dishwasher. By the way, good job, kitchen designer. Really nice setup you've got here.

Yes, I took a picture instead of helping him. But then I helped him. So it's okay.

Also, I guess Ike's summer foray into bug chasing is kind of cute.

As is his tendency to build forts while we're gone.

But, really, you didn't miss much. Nonetheless, there will be more going on here during August since I have no schoolwork (and Y can hold off on saving children a few days a week to say something ridiculous charming for me to blog). However, when Ike starts getting creative to get me to play with him instead of blogging... I might have to oblige.