Ike the Cartographer -- By Y

If you have ever read this blog you have probably met our dog, Ike.


Ike is pretty cool--he even has a freaking heart on his freaking back.

freaking cool, amirite?

Well, as it turns out, Ike is turning into quite the illustrated dog. Last night I noticed he has a map on his snout. That's right, a map. Basically what I'm saying is that if Kevin Costner's worst fears come true, we have got him covered.

really? an obscure waterworld reference?

Ike has a map of Western Europe on his snout. Not just a rough outline either--a detailed map, England and all. Full disclosure--he is missing parts of Scandinavia, but I'm pretty sure that's becuase Ike has some serious issues with the 1814 Treaty of Kiel

you can even see Calais!

For those of you who went to public school, here is an actual map of Europe:

Here it is for those of you who went to public school in the south:

much like Russia, I took some liberties with the eastern bloc.