There's Something about Cameron

For as long as we've had him, Ike has been scared of hats -- or, more specifically, anything that you try to put on his head while saying, "Hey Ike, want a hat?" Bowls, cups, baseball caps, knit caps, plastic bags -- he doesn't discriminate. We thought this was a pretty strange fear for a dog to have.

Then I brought home an exercise ball. Ike alternated between being afraid of it and swiping at it, until he eventually swiped a hole in it. Tilt your head to the left and prepare to be amused:

Hats and exercise balls are not even half of the weird things he's scared of. He's terrified of the mop, the broom, the vacuum cleaner, the trash can, and the big blue Ikea bags we take grocery shopping. When we took him to Dallas for our engagement pictures, he was scared of one very specific log.

Recently, I heard Ike bark his "frightened bark" from the other room. Afraid we had left a hat unattended, I rushed to help him. There, I found him cowering in fear of this:

Do you recognize that...that.. monster who dare scare our sweet little prince?

That's right - one Cameron Diaz, as seen on the cover of the July 2010
InStyle. I have to say I don't understand his beef with the charming, adorable, well dressed Ms. Diaz, although maybe he was just expressing his distaste for her string of boyfriends since Justin Timberlake. I can't say I blame you on that one, Ike. I mean, really, Cameron? Who hasn't dated A-Rod? Can't you be a leetle more original?

I digress. I haven't seen Ike so terrified since the Great Exercise Ball of 2009. I had to get a video.

Before I show you this video, though, I have to pause and tell you that We're Just Dandy isn't always rainbows and puppies. A lot of hard work, sacrifice, and the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears goes in to putting together these blog posts. Keep that in mind as you watch the following video. The whole thing.

It has come to my attention that the ending of this video isn't as clear as I thought it was: I fell. Flat on my face.

**By the way, if your dog ever develops a hatred for a particular celebrity, and you think it may have to do with their ex/current boyfriends, but you're drawing a blank on who exactly those boyfriends are, and you're too lazy to type "cameron diaz relationship" into Google like I did, this site is calling your name. I had no idea there was an imdb of celebrity relationships!