I'm Ikeskidoodle.

In case you haven't noticed, we can be really, really random. Remember the time Y pondered the origins of the nickname "Spongebob"?

Well, this time his randomness has completely changed the types of conversations we have in this house. Before, we struggled to come up with conversation topics that didn't have to do with, oh, I don't know, ligamenta flava or fetor hepatus. Now, we can't stop singing.

The other day Y decided he needed to see the commercial to a childhood toy, Mr. Bucket. God bless Youtube.

If you've never seen this commercial before, you should probably watch it so you can truly understand what I'm about to show you.

After watching the commercial and reminiscing for a few minutes, we did what any two logical people would do: we decided that Ike's inner monologue was always to the tune of Mr. Bucket, in Mr. Bucket's voice.

This was such a relief, because the topic of what Ike's voice would sound like is an argument we've been having the entire year and a half we've had him. Usually when we go for walks, we spend the whole time narrating the walk from Ike's point of view using various accents. Y liked him as a German sex maniac (yeah, I don't know where he came up with that), while I liked him as a slightly stupid southerner.

We also came to another very important conclusion: Before stating his thoughts at the moment, Ike (also known as Ikeskidoodles) has to remind himself of who he is. To the tune of Mr. Bucket's commercial.

I could keep explaining our rationale behind this, but I'll just let Ike demonstrate: