flashback friday: When I grow up

I said this a few blogs ago: I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Well, it turns out I never did. When I was growing up, I swore I wanted to be a vet until I realized that being a vet requires science. Science and I don't really get along.

In high school, we had to keep a journal and answer questions asked by the teacher each day. One of those was the dreaded "what do you want to be" question. I wrote, "An MTV VJ so I can meet lots of celebrities." Since we were -- for some reason -- graded on our innermost thoughts, when I got my journal back, "Shallow goal" was scrawled in red ink.

Luckily, the rest of my career path changes were documented:

I really want to be on the real world. While most people would hate this, I would love to be followed around by cameras and have my life and relationships analyzed. I wouldn't worry about not being interesting, because they throw things at you to make it interesting. Think of the amazing bonds you would have with your roommates. That's something you definitely couldn't get anywhere else. Plus, the houses are always amazing. I love watching the first episode where everyone gets to the house and is like speechless at the rooms and the furniture and stuff.

I met a girl who works at the sonic by my house and she got like a whole bunch of money(i cant remember if it was 80 or 50 dollars) in tips. i want to work at sonic!!!!!!!

today i went to the mall and applied to some places. i want to work at adopt a bear!!! actually id really like to work at smoothie king or american eagle!!

[Those entries were apparently B.SATC... before Sex and the City.]

one day i will walk(in my manolo blahniks) down busy streets to work. then at night, ill sip martinis out of posh glasses...still wearing my manolo blahniks.

and last but not least, ive decided that when i grow up im gonna be like carrie and write a column for a newspaper. except i dont want to go through all those journalism classes. i dont want to interview people, and all that jazz, i just want to write about my life. and turn all my little adventures into deeper, column worthy stories. just like carrie.

i'm officially quitting school and becoming a maid. for the past three hours ive been cleaning my bathroom, and i dont meant just cleaning it, i mean HANDS AND KNEES using a toothbrush and bleach to scrub the stuff between the tiles. what's that stuff called? is it grommet? i think i heard that, but then isn't that what the holes that you put shoelaces through are called? i think thats just the universal name for anything you don't really know the name of. oh ps im cleaning the bathroom at my house, not my apartment, just so you know which grommits to compliment!

[Pretty sure I meant "grout"]


ive decided to drop out of school again and become a juice taster. how amazing would that be?! [Really? "amazing?"] maybe ill open my own juice/smoothie store. i have this whole dream ahead of me... right now im drinking cranberry raspberry fuze- just for the record, its ok, it kind of makes your mouth feel slippery and sticky at the same time.

i'm going to drop out of college and go to beauty school! after i went to the hair school to get my bangs cut for cheap, i decided i wanted to be a hairstylist, then i scratched that and found my true calling as a chef - i think i could make breakfast in bed all day for the rest of my life , and as of last night im joining the pussycat dolls. what are they? i mean it cant be that hard, they don't even dance in synch. if that doesn't work out, i can make a living designing and selling picture frames!

so i have a plan- after i graduate, (since ill never get a job) ill apply for ten thousand internships in new york, chicago, and dallas. then ill move to dallas for a year, live in a studio apartment, work at jamba juice by night, and be the little bitch to an advertising agency by day- hit the gym on my lunch break and order take out sushi every night. this will be the first half of my life, and at the end ill make a cheesy soundtrack for my life, seduce matthew mcoughnaghy in my sweet bachelorette pad and call it a romantic comedy. and when i get bored of being a corporate career woman, ill go down the desperate housewife road, check out a few gardeners, you know how it goes.

In 2007 I was quoted in a local magazine:

Health care communications is drawing more women. Recent [journalism school] graduate Daci 23, spent the last year working in public relations at [ad agency], but she will pursue a graduate degree in public health this fall to balance her PR background. “I’ve become passionate about health, and I want to find ways to get the message out about healthy behavior,” she says.

Let's be real. I was obviously misquoted. My original quote went something like this:

OMG can you believe 1 of the olsen twins is anorexic?!? i must help her. in grad school, i will learn how to teach anorexic girls to love their bodies -- and maybe even lizzie mcguire too!! what if she has an eating disorder??? omg. no lizzie! you're beautiful! anyway, i'm going to go to grad school and it will be just like on tv. like on grey's anatomy, how they are doctors? they had to go to grad school too! and maybe i'll marry a neurosurgeon. sigh...

I'm calling on anyone with a blog who reads this to participate in Flashback Friday! It doesn't have to be a journal, old pictures would be pretty funny too.