Welcome back! Who are you??

Confession: I just finished a book. It wasn't The Diary of Anne Frank. It was also about a talking dog (well, a crazy woman who imagines her dog talking).

Sounds pretty silly, right? It was. But it was used (aka cheap) at Powell's (aka heaven). The author's sarcasm and cynicism turned what could be an incredibly silly book into just a slightly silly book. It didn't hurt that a lot of the conversations with the dog in Walking in Circles Before Lying Down were the SAME conversations that this crazy lady has had with her dog.

"Okay Ike, I realize you don't have any thumbs, but this is NOT that difficult."

A few of my favorite lines from the book (dog's voice in italics):

The scene: someone new shows up.
"Thank God you're finally here! We missed you! Where have you been? Welcome back! Who are you??"

"Can I ask you a personal question that's been bothering me?"
"Why do you not strew your garbage around?"

"We see things differently. That's just the way it is. I don't get why you pull the eyes out of stuffed animals."
"Seriously? You really don't get it? The eyes are the caviar of the stuffed animal. If I don't grab em right away, someone else will!"

"Before you pass out from a life that is too exhausting to bear, can I get a favor?"
"I guess so," I said.
He placed a soggy, muddy teddy bear that was missing its face very gently on my chest.
"Throw this."
So I did.