Yoga Pose May

One night (morning?) in New Orleans, some guy told me I looked like I did yoga. I don't exactly know what he meant by that, since I was wearing an outfit that, in retrospect, looked like something out of Hilary Clinton's closet.

Boyfriend blazer photographs as a pantsuit. Noted.

Well, creepy guy in New Orleans, it turns out I don't do yoga. My stance on exercise has always been
if I want to fall asleep during it, it's not exercise. Standing around like a flamingo in a dark room = wanting to fall asleep.

But then, I tried it. And I guess I could have fallen asleep, if I wasn't standing on my head. Or supporting my body weight with my arms for what felt like 3 hours straight. I ate my words after that class, because my other stance on exercise is, If I can't use my arms for three days straight after a workout, it's exercise.

It worked out that just when I decided to make yoga part of my routine, one of the [zillions of] blogs I read regularly, Carrots n Cake, decided to host a blog-wide yoga pose challenge. Each day, a few bloggers will post about a "pose of the day", in hopes of encouraging their readers to try yoga. Not a bad idea -- I haven't even posted my pictures yet, and I know I've already inspired one, um, person:

Today's pose was Warrior III. Here is my novice interpretation of it:

As usual, Ike has to be center stage.

And here's what it's supposed to look like (& a description):

I have two goals by the time I get the hang of yoga. 1) Find a mountaintop to practice on. 2) Be able to actually keep my back straight. And 3), look half as good as the teacher of the Piyo class I just went to, who looks like
Kristen Chenowith might in 15 years if she were to keep up a mild steroid regimen.

The other bloggers highlighting this pose today are Marathon Val, Two Feet Ten Toes, It All Changes, and Savvy Eats, who I'm sure all have more yoga experience than just wearing a pantsuit out to the French Quarter.