You may have noticed I was MIA for awhile and I have a very good excuse, I promise. Not only did I, as usual, procrastinate on studying for my exams and writing my papers for grad school, I've been saving babies.

Okay, fine. I saved one baby. On my way home from work the other night, a little boy around 2 years old and a dog crossed the street in front of me. I stopped, and waited for the adult that was sure to follow... and waited. And waited. There was no adult.

This is how I know I suck at snap decisions: my first thought was "Aw, this boy and his dog are embarking on an epic journey where they will encounter lots of talking animals and arrive home safely a few days later!"

Luckily, the part of me who's watched a few too many Disney movies was joined by Rational Me, and together we decided we should probably do something. I rolled my window down and asked the boy where his mommy was. He looked at me very seriously and pointed to his dog.


His "doggie" was a snarling pitbull who had walked up to my car window and was barking furiously at me. I had always heard pitbulls were mean, but I refused to believe it.

I called Y to stay on the line with me in case this was some kind of reverse abduction plan - babies are lured with candy; people like me are lured with babies. Y reminded me that where we live, this was a normal occurrence. More than once, I've seen an infant riding on the handlebars of a bike being steered by a 5 year old. No shirt, no shoes, certainly no helmet. Y said I shouldn't risk getting eaten by the anti-Ike, but I kind of felt like I had to do something.

So, I knocked on a few doors and finally found a man in a wifebeater, halfway down the street from where the little boy was, who seemed shocked that his baby, who had just been "out back", had escaped. I wanted to offer my words of wisdom ("Don't leave your baby out back.") but figured he got the point.

Anyway, the moral of my story is, before you nag someone about updating their blog, THINK OF THE BABIES.