it's prom season, baby

Those med school kids are so clever. Next weekend is, essentially, med school prom, but apparently someone loves puns as much as I do because it's being called "The Undescended Ball". Since I am no longer 17, proms aren't that exciting to me, but it does mean an excuse to dress up, which I will never turn down.

I waited until the last minute with online shopping, wishing and hoping that Rue La La would feature a really good deal on formal dresses ($3.95, Leila?). That didn't happen, so I have two options.

1. Search the teeny tiny corner of our Dillard's that sells semi decent clothing
2. Take a self deprecating tour through my closet of old formal dresses in search of one that is remotely recyclable.

Well. I did both. Dillard's had nothing to offer me (I even searched the...cringe... juniors prom dresses) and so far, neither does my closet:

I distinctly remember asking my friend in the dressing room if this dress made me look fat. Clearly, I had bigger things to worry about. Like... well, everything?

We also won't go into what I had to worry about here, either. But, oh, there was so much. So, so much. I do remember I started going to a gym for the first time ever a few weeks before this picture was taken because "I wanted my arms to look nice for prom". Snort.

And this was prom the next year. Honestly, I don't think the dress is the problem here.

A few years later, I recycled that red dress for a Mardi Gras ball. Sadly, shortly after I found mold on its beautiful, classy, visible tulle layers, so it is out of the running for this year's event. Such a shame. It's practically vintage now.

I've already showed you this dress, but I thought I would post it again to remind you of my resemblance to Jessica Simpson.

Mom stops buying your clothing? Poor college student? Ugly $25 dollar bright turquoise dress it is.

Still a poor college student? Have slightly better taste? This $15 random black dress from a juniors' section somewhere fits the bill. I would wear this one again, but not only did I wear it a Purim party 5 years ago, I wore it to med school prom last year (above). I wouldn't want to commit my first ever fashion faux pas, now would I??

3% of me wants to throw social norms out the window and wear my wedding dress. I mean, I could dye it, right? It wouldn't be that weird... right?

Needless to say, I'm back at square one. If you have a blog, I would love to see your old prom dress disasters!