My dog > your dog

Did anyone else see the dog that was recently featured on the Today Show?

This dog, Riley, got on the Today show because he took ONE picture where it looked like he was smiling. Of course, during his live segment on the show; his one shot at real fame at the hands of Matt Lauer, he didn't smile. FAIL, Riley, fail.

Scholarly Ike wants to know what happened to journalistic integrity.

First of all, Today show, EVERYONE has a picture of their dog smiling (but how many dogs have hearts on their backs).

Secondly, if all it takes is one semi amusing picture of your dog to get fifteen minutes of fame, I am all over that. How about this for a segment, Matt Lauer: If My Husband Pushes My Dog's Neck Fat Up a Certain Way, I'm Convinced he Looks Like Martin Van Buren.

Or this one: One Picture of My Dog Sort of, Kind of, Okay Maybe Not Really Looks like Jim from The Office.

Or perhaps, My Dog Jumps on the Roof of His Dog House When I Say "Snoopy"

Or my favorite, It Looks Like My Dog Has a Handlebar Mustache.

Call me, Lauer!