This is about how I feel right now:

As much as I would have loved to sit on the beach and eat cheese grits and cupcakes for the rest of my life, the real reason I could have stayed in Seaside forever was so that I would never have to make this confession:

I cheated on Ike.

Okay, not really. It was the cheese grits. And drinking two drinks with each meal. And the candy apples. And the cupcakes. And the sunsets, though let's be real -- they'd be better if they were edible.

Sigh. Clearly I ate too much on this trip; good thing I'm in the midst of a low carb diet.

By the way, Ike forgave me for my little transgression with Rudy the French Bulldog. I can tell by his early morning snuggling.

Miss you, Carols. Next year in... who knows!