I tend to think of myself as a one man wolfpack

I just realized there is a huge blog community of med school wives. Where was this when I was unemployed, having minor panic attacks and feelings of uselessness when my day consisted of folding towels and Yoni's day consisted of cutting open skulls to dissect a brain??

Try doing THAT with a bonesaw, big shot med student.

But after reading a few of these blogs, I've realized I don't particularly need to be a part of their community. By some weird coincidence, every one of these blogs is written by someone who is REALLY religious and spends a lot of time praying for their husband and the outcome of his time in prison med school.That's all well and good, but, you know, not really my thing.

They also summarize their lives as "spending the next four years supporting my husband's dreams" or "being his personal cheerleader", which I suppose is true, but is that really how you want to define your life? That sounds so... depressing. I'm sure Yoni knows that I'm his biggest fan, but there are maybe 2 hours a month where I feel like a personal cheerleader. Those are always just following a test, and usually involve a lot of reassuring that No, a B might not be as good as an A but at least it's better than a C! And remember... D is for doctor and b is for... um... bsurgeon.

Anyway, I bring this up because it turns out that Yoni won't be running with me; he has a test two days later. Potential migraine + upcoming test is a recipe for disaster, and that's fine with me. As my fellow personal cheerleaders probably know, doing stuff alone is no big deal. I was an only child; I've got years of experience.

Besides, I was secretly hoping he wouldn't do it. I've never run with anyone before, and I'm sure I look like this:

And I am okay with not being made fun of for 3.1 miles straight.