fashion show! fashion show! fashion show at lunch!

Last weekend I went to New Orleans, where my friends and I celebrated my friend A's birthday. A and I are both interested in fashion (although she's probably never accidentally dressed like a French clown). So, since I have over 10,000 pictures on iPhoto dating back to 2004 (I'm that annoying girl who always carries a camera, okay? Deal with it.), I decided this blog needed a montage of A's birthday fashion.

2004: Judging by the color of R (center)'s fabulous pants, this was not taken on A's birthday but sometime after Memorial day. However, I think it's an accurate representation of what we might have worn to celebrate our dear friend's 20th birthday. Note the abundance of pink and polka dots.

For A's 21st birthday, we celebrated with light denim, shades of green, and a shirred top with a lovely applique.

Of course A, who didn't even know she was about to be attending her surprise 21st birthday party, is the only one of us who actually looked good.

2006. One word: gauchos. Okay, two more words: denim jacket.

2007: Well... I don't actually have anything to say here. Good job, girls.

2008: the year of the weave.

And, 2010: A apparently borrowed her outfit from her 21 year old self.

Happy birthday, A! You're closer to 50 than you are to one! Can't wait to see what you wear to your 40th birthday bus trip to Lucy's.